Super Bowl 52 beer prices: Hooooo boy that’s a lot of money for a Bud Light

The amount of time that will pass between the Super Bowl pregame show and the moment when commissioner Roger Goodell finally hands over the Vince Lombardi Trophy is approximately 10 hours. That’s a lot of time to do without a beer.

And for more than the price of a pitcher at happy hour, you can have your own 16-ounce can of what Anheuser-Busch has generously described as “beer” since 1982.

At Brothers Bar & Grill in Minneapolis, a chain that’s a staple across Big Ten towns throughout the Midwest, Bud Light pitchers will run you $5 on Monday nights. At Gary’s Liquors in Chestnut Hill, Mass. — near Boston College — a 12 pack of tall boy aluminum cans, the same kind with which vendors are walking up and down the U.S. Bank Stadium steps, will run you $14.99. A 30-pack of regular cans costs $21.99. In Philadelphia, the Pennypack Beer Distributor will sell you 24 12-oz. bottles for $20.14.

Assuming you’re going to drink a modest four beers over four hours at your Super Bowl party, you’re saving a solid amount in beer money alone by staying home.

My next question is, I wonder what he ordered from Panda Express — I’m assuming it was one hell of an order, since he doesn’t have to worry about playing in a game in a few hours.

Branch missing is a big loss for the Pats against the Eagles, but the defense did fine without him toward the end of the season regardless. Branch re-signing with the Pats last offseason was one of the biggest keeps for New England along its defensive line.

We’ll see how much the defense misses him Sunday against Philadelphia.

The Capitals also allowed a goal late in regulation Thursday night, but it was the game-winner in a 3-2 Washington loss on a night the Panthers held a ceremony to honor the victims of the recent shooting in nearby Parkland.bears_081-223x223

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