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Philadelphia and New England were the best teams in the league all season, and they have backed it up with strong playoff runs.

When the Eagles meet the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, it will mark the fourth time in five years that the top seeds in the NFC and AFC have battled for the NFL championship.

The Eagles and Patriots match up well with each other, offensively and defensively.

A good 13 years since the franchises met in Super Bowl 39, who will take the rematch in Super Bowl 52? Here’s an early prediction.

The Patriots are vulnerable in linebacker coverage but have the cornerbacks and safeties to contain big plays. The Eagles’ defensive weaknesses lie on the edges of their back seven.

The Eagles will make more plays in the slot with Nelshon Agholor working on former Eagle Eric Rowe, and the Patriots will see Danny Amendola cool off against Patrick Robinson. Overall, not much will separate the offense explosiveness. And with weather not being a factor, the game likely will come down to the final possession.

In the end of a close, somewhat high-scoring game, it’s easier to trust the steady Brady over the streaky Foles.

“I’m convinced he’s not 40 years old,” Theismann told USA Today. “I think his birth certificate was sealed hermetically a long time ago, and he’s a genetic freak is what he is.

“When your arm starts to wane, you don’t make those (precision) throws anymore. And in Tom’s case, I haven’t seen any dropoff.”

Theismann isn’t the only one to give credit to Brady’s throwing arm. Ron Jaworski, who was a quarterback in the NFL for 17 years, echoed similar thoughts.

“The ball comes out with a great deal of velocity. His mobility may even be better at 40 than it was 30. It’s amazing. I marvel at the guy. At (38), I was at the end of line and I was hanging on,” Jaworski said.bills_033

Some who condemned Jackson have finally admitted it was too much.

In 2014, former FCC chairman Michael Powell told ESPN the Magazine that the committee had acted “unfairly” toward the singer. “It all turned into being about her,” Powell said. “In reality, if you slow the thing down, it’s Justin ripping off her breastplate.”

As for Timberlake, he recently said that he “stumbled through” his handling of the situation. Jackson family insiders reveal he had to ask a few times before Jackson finally agreed to quietly meet up with him a few years ago in Los Angeles. After talking for a while, the two patched up their differences and sealed their friendship with a kiss and a long embrace.

That said, however, the Jackson insider explained that, “Publicly, Janet will tell everyone she’s forgiven Justin, but privately, she’s reluctant to trust him. He’s reached out to her about doing some things together but I don’t think she’s ready for that. Is she still angry? No. She doesn’t wish him any ill will. Does she still think about it? Not all of the time, but certainly since he’s doing the halftime show again, it’s definitely been a dinner table topic.”

Just looking at those numbers alone, I can justify a big payday for Donald. He has a long resume of providing disruptive production, and his consistency warrants the kind of contract that puts him on the top of the hill for defenders. Considering the current high-water marks for pass rushers (Miller’s deal for $114.5 million over six years, with $70 million in guarantees) and defensive tackles (Ndamukong Suh’s deal for $114.3 million over six years, with $60 million in guarantees), Donald should be the league’s first $20 million defender, based on his work as a disruptive playmaker at the point of attack.

The only time New England won the Super Bowl and Brady wasn’t named the game’s most valuable player was the 24-21 Super Bowl 39 win over Philadelphia. That year’s winner, wide receiver Deion Branch, had 11 catches for 133 yards thanks in big part to Brady. When New England lost the Super Bowl twice with Brady to the Giants, his counterpart Eli Manning winning game MVP both times.

The Eagles have given up some big games to athletic tight ends this season, including Travis Kelce, Jordan Reed and Evan Engram. With two weeks to recover from his concussion, Gronk should be full go for the Patriots.

We want to see Gronk win just to see him smirk while getting the game MVP ball from Roger Goodell the morning after.

Lewis, a fifth-round draft pick of the Eagles in 2011, has the ultimate chance at a revenge game as New England’s unquestioned top running back. The Eagles got ripped by a pair of diminutive dashers in the NFC playoffs, first Tevin Coleman and then Jerick McKinnon.

Philadelphia stops the run well, but it has trouble with backs like Lewis who are elusive in the open field.bills_006

The last week of byes: The Panthers, Colts, Jets and 49ers are off.

“Their efforts, both on and off the field, help bring people together and make our community stronger,” he added. “There is no greater unifier in this country than sports and, unfortunately, nothing more divisive than politics.

“I think our political leaders could learn a lot from the lessons of teamwork and the importance of working together toward a common goal,” Kraft continued. “Our players are intelligent, thoughtful and care deeply about our community and I support their right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impactful.”

Patriots players have not protested during the anthem, and two of the team’s most prominent members — Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady — also have had ties to the president.

Who’s on the NFL coaching hot seat? There are compelling cases to be made for and against Chuck Pagano, Hue Jackson, Ben McAdoo and Dirk Koetter.

Laughable, ridiculous: Jerry Jones has two words for those reports that he could be ousted as the Dallas Cowboys’ owner.

A Papa John’s apology: The pizza purveyor is sorry it blamed sagging sales on the NFL’s national anthem demonstrations.

The Falcons locked themselves into the No. 2 spot in the NFC with a 38-32 win over the New Orleans Saints, while the Seahawks (10-5-1) claimed the No. 3 position by fending off the San Francisco 49ers, who put up a surprising effort in a 25-23 loss at home.

In the night game, Aaron Rodgers continued his late-season tear, ripping the Lions for four touchdowns and 300 yards passing in Green Bay’s 31-24 victory. That secures the Packers the fourth seed in the playoffs; they will host the Giants in the first round. Detroit, meanwhile, will now head to Seattle to start the postseason.

They say success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. Against that backdrop, it’s easy to forget just how much of a gamble the risky Romo hire was for CBS Sports boss Sean McManus.jaguars_084

The toughest part of the Eagles’ schedule is still to come.

That is undeniable, and it begins with Thursday night’s game at Carolina. But win or lose against the Panthers, the Eagles have shown enough to prove they should have staying power. Carson Wentz is legitimate, making the Eagles a factor in the division chase all season.

The Broncos return from the bye with a favorable matchup Sunday night against the Giants, who are winless and basically out of wide receivers. If they can beat the Giants and then the one-win Chargers, the Broncos would take a 5-1 record into an Oct. 30 showdown with the Chiefs in Kansas City on “Monday Night Football.”

QB Cam Newton has completed 48 of 62 passes for 671 yards with six TDs and one interception in his past two games. His return from shoulder surgery was gradual but now he has emerged as an accurate pocket passer who clearly has changed his game, with a relatively modest 90 rushing yards this season.

Serigne was a leader for the Deacons. A fifth-year senior, he played an important starting role for four years and littered Wake Forest’s record books. He broke the school record for tight end receptions and touchdowns after just his first two seasons.

Serigne shows a good feel for space and how to get open. He’s a smooth, agile player who can weave in and out of zone coverages, as well as make some acrobatic catches in traffic. He’s not an overly physical player, but he is an athlete with an aggressive mindset. Serigne is not a hulking blocker, but he can quickly get to his mark, and he has the tenacity to get after defenders.

In the other late afternoon game, the Dallas Cowboys played safe enough in slick, rainy conditions to beat the Washington Redskins, 33-19, and reach 4-3. The Redskins drop to 3-4, losers of two straight in their division. Ezekiel Elliott rushed for two touchdowns and nearly had a third, if not for a holding penalty. Kirk Cousins threw for 263 yards and a touchdown, but also threw a pick-six late in the fourth quarter. More injuries piled up for Washington, as well, which was already dealing with plenty of ailing bodies.jaguars_044

Offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth and guard Kevin Zeitler exited via free agency Thursday.

Some NFL owners believe there is a strong possibility they will enact an offseason change to the league’s national anthem policy if players’ protests during the anthem persist through the end of this season, reverting to a previous approach of keeping players in the locker room while the anthem is played, according to several people familiar with the league’s inner workings.

“I think that if players are still kneeling at the end of the year, then it could very well happen,” said one person familiar with the owners’ deliberations on anthem-related issues.

Bengals: Coach Marvin Lewis usually has been able to make things work and get the Bengals into the playoffs. But that didn’t happen this past season. And the task just got tougher for Lewis and quarterback Andy Dalton.

Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick: Yes, it’s early. But no one seems to be in any rush to sign Peterson, Cutler or Kaepernick. And the Cowboys aren’t putting Romo’s decision about his next NFL team completely in his hands, at least not yet. They did not release him Thursday, as had been widely expected, amid renewed speculation that a trade to the Texans or Broncos might be possible.

Matt Forte, RB, Jets: Just when it looked like Forte was turning back the clock and beginning to ascend to the top of the depth chart in New York, he suffered a setback, missing back-to-back days at practice with a knee injury. He was going to be part of the Fringe Starters list, but now his status for this weekend’s matchup is up in the air. If Forte is unable to go, Bilal Powell owners should get him in the lineup.

T.Y. Hilton, WR, Colts: Hilton is nursing a groin injury and Friday he was listed as questionable for Week 10. He’s been a limited participant in practice this week so Hilton owners should keep an eye on the situation leading up to game-time. It’s not a terrific matchup and if Hilton is a step slower, he could be in for a quiet day.jaguars_019

He’ll work with a former Patriots executive in Lions General Manager Bob Quinn.

What is the Senior Bowl? It’s an invite-only showcase event for the best seniors in college football, though some underclassmen who have procured their degrees — like Allen — are invited to participate as well. The prospects are split into two teams and coached by NFL coaching staffs.

Which NFL teams are coaching? The Denver Broncos staff will coach the North team, and the Houston Texans staff will coach the South.

Patricia is set to land in Detroit as the Lions’ head coach. And he’ll have a franchise quarterback in place in Matthew Stafford. There is no major rebuilding project required, with the Lions coming off a 9-7 season that nevertheless cost Jim Caldwell his coaching job.

“We are talking about a man who helped to orchestrate a commercial planeful of food and supplies for famine-stricken Somalia. A man who has invested his time and money into needy communities here at home. A man I am proud to call my brother, who should be celebrated for his courage to seek change on important issues. Instead, to this day, he is unemployed and portrayed as a radical un-American who wants to divide our country.

Anybody who has a basic knowledge of football knows that his unemployment has nothing to do with his performance on the field. It’s a shame that the league has turned its back on a man who has done only good. I am aware that my involvement in this movement means that my career may face the same outcome as Colin’s. But to quote the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “A time comes when silence is betrayal.” And I choose not to betray those who are being oppressed.”

Kaepernick created, among his peers, a way of thinking that took on a life of its own and infiltrated even a staunchly conservative league. The majority of NFL owners responded to Trump’s comments about player protests, which started with Kaepernick, by criticizing Trump. Many of them demonstrated alongside players.jaguars_004

Newton said all the right things, and they appeared heart-felt.

One: Why’d it take him 30 hours to apologize—and, to a lesser degree, why didn’t he include the reporter in his apology? The fact that he took 30 hours to say he was sorry is concerning. Did it take him longer than a day to realize he was wrong? Or did he know he was wrong and simply took time to do something well thought-out? Two: It makes no sense right now to say, Great apology. We’re all good. This is now a wait-and-see thing, But it’s his actions now that will speak for him.

We can’t take steps backwards as we prepare collectively and obviously with him in terms of his physical health, he said.

Brown has been out since Week 15 when he suffered a partially torn calf muscle against the Patriots.

As for the Bortles, Jaguars brass ultimately faces a tougher decision on what is an even costlier enigma under center.

There is no question Bortles made marked improvement in his fourth NFL campaign, especially when it comes to avoiding turnovers. Is that enough on its own to collect the $19.1 million salary he’s set to earn next season? Not when Bortles followed his erratic December by gaining more yards rushing (88) than passing (87) in his first career playoff game.

Brady, Belichick and Kraft have raised expectations and possibilities so high that virtually no other team in the Super Bowl era could truly comprehend what it’s like to be them. Brady and Belichick weren’t only pushing the boundaries of what a team could accomplish. They also were challenging basic understandings of how a group of high achievers escape the usual pulls of ego and pride. For 17 years, the Patriots have withstood everything the NFL and opponents could throw their way, knowing that if they were united, nobody could touch them. Now they’re threatening to come undone the only way possible: from within.

NFL Media reported earlier this week Gruden already has plans to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Greg Olson as his offensive coordinator, Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther for the same role in Oakland, and Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia as special teams coordinator.

Gruden was traded to the Buccaneers and won the Super Bowl in his first season, beating the Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII. Gruden spent seven seasons as the Bucs coach, but was fired following the 2008 season after a 9-7 season. He compiled a 57-55 record in Tampa and has worked for ESPN since 2009. patriots_109_d4eb85f127580337-180x180

Travis Kelce ruled out of Chiefs’ game vs. Titans with a concussion

Travis Kelce left the Chiefs’ game against the Titans after taking a hit to the head on a second down late in the first half. Kelce was wobbly getting up and had to be held up by some of his teammates.

Demetrius Harris will be getting more time as Kelce is evaluated, and played in 16 games this season. He had 18 receptions for 224 yards and a touchdown on the season.

Quarterback Blake Bortles has been good on the ground for the Jaguars last week and through the first half this Sunday against the Steelers, but Jacksonville will be glad to have Fournette back.

Funny word choice, there. As a senior at Minnesota State, Thielen began paying weekly visits to sports psychologist Cindra Kamphoff, who eventually led him to the concept of flow state: essentially, the elusive feeling of peak mental and physical performance. Kamphoff asked Thielen to picture himself in flow. What does that look like? How does it feel? Then she had him pick a name for when he reaches that point. Some clients call this “killer instinct” or “unstoppable,” Kamphoff explains. Others might see themselves as an animal, like a shark. Thielen settled on another creature.

Burns has since had trouble sleeping. He prays for his teammate, thanks God for Thomas’s track scholarship to Miami and questions whether he even wants Jordan—a linebacker, like Shazier—to play football. Rallying around Shazier has been easy. Reconciling what happened to him has been infinitely more complex.

Darnold joined USC as a four-star recruit. He sat out the 2015 season as a redshirt freshman and started 2016 as a backup before taking over for Max Browne after the Trojans started off 1-2. From there, Darnold had an explosive sophomore year, throwing for 3,086 yards, 31 touchdowns, and just nine interceptions. He rallied the Trojans to a 10-3 finish and a huge Rose Bowl win over Penn State.

After that breakout season, Darnold went into 2017 as a Heisman contender with tons of hype. He took a slight step back, throwing 13 interceptions in 14 games as USC couldn’t make the College Football Playoff, but the Trojans still won the Pac-12 championship. Darnold’s college career ended on a sour note, getting swallowed up by the Ohio State defense in a 24-7 Cotton Bowl loss.

Watching Altuve at bat is like watching a gymnast spinning and dismounting off the uneven bars and sticking the landing, or in this case, squaring up the baseball. It’s a symphony of precision and violent speed.patriots_093_d3ab648e5c36960a-180x180

NFL playoffs 2018: Conference championship odds, point spreads

Underdogs are either 7-1 or 6-2 against the point spread in the 2018 NFL playoffs, depending on what spread bettors got in the Saints-Vikings game. The Patriots were the only favorite to cover handily. They routed the Titans in the AFC divisional round Saturday as a 14-point favorite.

Even though the weather in Philadelphia is expected to be excellent for the game (partly cloudy, high of 53 degrees, temps in the 40s during the game), the over-under is low at 38. The Falcons and Eagles combined for 25 points in their game, while the Saints and Vikings combined for 53 in Minnesota’s domed stadium.

After taking a hard fourth-quarter sack Sunday, Newton was helped to his feet but dropped to turf before reaching the sideline.

Newton missed only one offensive play after he was evaluated in the medical tent on the Panthers sideline and cleared to play.

SI’s 2017 Sportsperson of the Year: He Isn’t on the Field, but J.J. Watt Is Still Lifting Houston up
Sports become meaningful only when there is a bond between team and town that fortifies both. That bond for Altuve intensified on Sept. 1, the first day the Astros returned home after Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas. The greatest rainfall event in the history of the mainland U.S. dumped up to 60 inches over a four-day period, could end up costing close to $200 billion in damage and displaced more than 30,000 people from their homes, many of which were destroyed. About 10,000 of the displaced wound up downtown at the George R. Brown Convention Center, which was pressed into duty as a shelter. It is just two blocks from Minute Maid Park, the Astros’ home field.

With no game that day, Altuve, along with 15 teammates and staff members, visited the makeshift shelter. He wore a black T-shirt and gray pants. He had already pledged $30,000 to recovery efforts, and arranged for $25,000 worth of shoes from one of his sponsors to reach families in need.

Hurricane Harvey was nature’s cruel roulette wheel. Winning or losing was a matter of luck. Its torrents of rain and winds up to 130 mph spared some homes, such as the Altuves’, and ruined others. Moving among the unluckiest at the shelter and hearing their stories, as well as seeing information tables with signs taped to walls such as missing persons and free legal advice, Altuve felt a sense of purpose he hadn’t before, and this from a 27-year-old man who had fought his whole professional life to prove himself worthy.

I think I have two or three more good years in me, said Bryant, a father of seven who is set to become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason. The way I’ve been performing this year, I think it’s a good sign of that as well.

And as big as the Hollywood sign north of the Los Angeles Coliseum, where Bryant’s latest heroics transpired.


NFL playoffs: Probabilities to win each divisional-round game on road to Super Bowl 52

The 2018 NFL playoffs got off to a wild start when the Tennessee Titans upset the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday to kick off wild-card weekend. The Atlanta Falcons then upset the L.A. Rams at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, even though AccuScore predicted that to be the tightest game of wild-card weekend.

A pair of handoffs to Kamara had the Saints in the end zone as the Saints took a 31-19 lead with 5:08 remaining.

Even though his son Lonzo was still six weeks away from being drafted, LaVar Ball wasted no time staking his claim as the NBA’s biggest disruptor. The outspoken entrepreneur and trainer made headlines for outlandish comments all year long, including: the “Stay in Yo Lane” controversy with a female media member, his spat with the president over China, and his plans for his own minor league to compete with the NCAA. However, the biggest power move from the head of Big Baller Brand came during the playoffs, when Ball unveiled his son’s “ZO2 Prime” signature sneakers, an independently created and marketed shoe that was sold online for $495.

Predictably, the “ZO2 Prime” prompted a swift backlash, given that it cost more than the signature sneakers for LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry combined. Skeptics rushed to question whether Ball could turn a profit on the venture, and critics wondered whether Lonzo would have been better served by signing a seven-figure guaranteed contract with a sneaker powerhouse like Nike or Adidas. Was Ball helping, hurting or exploiting his son? Ball doubled down, of course, earning respect and praise from some athletes who admired his outside-the-box thinking and self-empowered focus.

Local Kansas City news affiliate KMBC 9 was not ready for that, however, and instead ran the following, which read, “CHIEFS KINGDOM CELEBRATES WIN”:

“It’s not arguing,” Minkah Sr. corrects her with a grin. “It’s intense fellowship.”

But first: that ring. If Fitzpatrick gets his second in three years, if he leads Alabama to another national title, if he helps Saban tie Bear Bryant as the most decorated college football coach in history, with a sixth? Harris laughs. “If we win,” he says, “Minkah will give everybody hugs, he’ll be smiling—but as soon as he gets out of that locker room, he’ll be watching film, trying to find out what he did wrong.”

The play would be reviewed, but it was a clear fumble that was recovered by the Falcons. It was a poor decision by the punt returner, who could have simply called for a fair catch and stepped up to the football.

On the following play, Mohamed Sanu was attempting to catch a pass in the end zone and took a hit to the head. The Eagles were penalized on the play, giving the Falcons a first-and-goal from the 9-yard line.

The rest of the drive wasn’t pretty, but the Falcons ended it with a flip/skyhook/dump touchdown pass from Matt Ryan to Devonta Freeman:

The score gave the Falcons a 10-6 lead.

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